About the Park

There are various facilities, halls, and sports facilities in Suma Seaside Park, which can be used for various events and games. Please check the usage manual for details as pre-registration or group registration may be required.

Applications can be made by coming directly to the reception of the on-site Park Concierge building, submitting the application PDF and usage details by email, or making a reservation from the above reservation form.
For inquiries such as coverage, please contact the Park Concierge building.

Park Concierge Building Reception

TEL: 078-739-1220   FAX: 078-739-1221
Reception hours: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed: 12/29 to 1/3

Reservation status of Suma Hall

※ 最新の予約状況については、パークコンシェルジュ棟へお問い合わせください。

△: 審査中