In 1184, Suma was the stage of the battle of Ichinoya, which decided to destroy the Heike. This battle, aimed at recovering the three kinds of sacred treasures that Heike and Taira took away when the capital fell, is also famous as a battle in which Gen Yoshitsune was active. "The Battle of Mt. Many episodes have been handed down, such as the elite of dozens of horses and a big blow to Taira’s army.

Surprise strategy that made Yoshitsune Gen Yoshitsune famous

It is said that Genpei Yoshitsune has become famous in the battle of Genpei, which is a tactic called "Hikoshi’s reverse drop", which was executed in the "Battle of Ichinoya". Yoshitsune, who is good at fighting, unbounded to common sense, led a steep cliff behind Ichinoya, leading only about 70 cavities. Despite being overwhelmingly disadvantageous in troops, he gave a huge blow to the Heike by making a surprise with an attack from the mountain side. As a result, it is said that the surprise strategy decided to defeat the Heike. By the way, there are various theories about the stage of "Reverse drops of Koshikoshi", but it is generally thought that it is around the current Hachibushiyama and Tekkai mountain.