Basho Matsuo, a representative poet in the Edo period, is actually a person who is related to Suma. He has visited Suma several times and has left many haiku here. To commemorate this, a total of four spots are built in 4 spots, Hikari -ji Temple, Sumaura Park, Suma -ji Temple, and Zensho -ji Temple in Suma Ward. By the way, Basho first visited Suma in 1678. It is said to look at the moon of Suma, seen by the main character of the Genji Monogatari. However, the season when the light source saw the moon was autumn, while Basho visited in the spring. The phrase that wrote the regret was that "if you look over it, if you look at it, if you look at it, you can see the autumn of Suma" (even if you look, look, look, the more you look, the better Suma autumn). It is called the named named phrase.