There are many old pine pine areas on the beach area of ​​Suma and Maiko, and the scenery consisting of blue pine and white sandy beaches has been widely known as "Hakushashi". Its beauty is that Utagawa Hiroshige draws Maiko’s beach in the "Rokuju Yoshimi Shozoe", which depicts famous spots nationwide. At Suma Kaihin Park, there are pine pine that Emperor Showa was planted during the Crown Prince. This planted pine was protected in 2022 with the aim of long -term protection and roots growth. I want to keep this beautiful scenery in the future.

"Pine of hand planting" that is carefully managed

The pine, which was planted by the Emperor Showa during the Prince of the Prince in 1919, is now a giant tree that stands out. In order to keep this pine for more than 100 years since planting, the protection of pine roots was carried out during the redevelopment of Kaihin Park in 2022. For the purpose of restoring the negative effects of the soil confirmed by the preliminary survey and the medium-- and long -term protection, Improvement of soil ventilation and water, secure rooting regions, promotion of rooting, and rape (kinko (kinko). We performed the inoculation and stone platform construction method (Sekiban Fusetsu Koho). We have achieved healthy pine conservation by carefully maintenance, and have protected the landscape of Suma Seaside Park.

Matsu that grows healthy at the birth of Suma Seaside Park

With the redevelopment of the Suma Seaside Park, the pine annual ring width growth speed in the park was investigated. As a result of measuring the growth speed for each age for 1901 to 2021, it was found that the growth rate from the 1960s to 1980s had rapidly increased. This is a major factor in opening the first phase of Suma Seaside Park in 1951. Until around 1950, it was hindered by insect damage, but it became appropriately managed by the birth of Suma Seaside Park, so that healthy pine was growing quickly.
In addition, the floors in the gallery and the room name signs in the park concierge building are reused pine that has been cut down due to redevelopment.
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