The 54 volumes of Genji are a feature -length novel by the purple ceremony that depicts the glory and love of the nobles of the Heian period. It is a story that is now supported in Japan and overseas, which is now translated in more than 20 countries.
In Volume 12, "Suma", the light source chased by the capital will live a modest life in Suma. There is a theory that the place is near the house where the real Hara Yukihira, who was in the early Heian, was reluctant. In addition to one of the models of the light source, Gyodai is one of the models of the Genji, and the name of the Gyodai appears in the Tale of Genji.
There is a song monument of Gyogo in Suma Kaihin Park, where you can feel the connection between the story of Suma, Gyei, and Genji.