• 1Community Square
  • 2Sumakko Square
  • 3Park Concierge Building
    (Suma Hall)
  • 4Matsunomori Village A
  • 5Matsunomori Village B
  • 6Matsunomori Village C
  • 7Sea Square
  • 8BE KOBE Square
  • 9Bus stop: Kaihin Koen-mae
  • 10Bus stop: Suma Suizokuen
  • 11Bus stop: Wakamiya-cho
  • 12Parking lot for short-term users
  • 13Parking lot (multi-level)
  • 14Parking lot (flat)
  • 15Suma Yacht Harbor
  • 16Suma Seaside Park Tennis Court
  • 17Suma Seaside Park Ball Game Field
  • 18Sports Facilities Management Office
  • 0Suma Hall
  • 0Kobe Suma Sea World Hotel
  • 0Kobe Suma Sea World

About the facilities

Suma Seaside Park is a park with a playground and a plaza, as well as Kobe Suma Sea World (scheduled to open in June 2024) and Kobe Suma Sea World Hotel (scheduled to open in June 2024), Matsunomori Village with shops and restaurants, and a parking lot. The plaza in the park can be used freely free of charge, but if you make a reservation, you can use it for events for groups. (Click on each facility in the park for details)

Click here for reservations

Park Rules

This is your precious park. Please follow the rules when using it.
  • Dogs should be kept on a leash and not let loose. Please take the feces home with you.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the park under the "Kobe City Ordinance on Prevention of Littering and Smoking on the Street".
  • Let's use the park facilities carefully so as not to scratch them.
  • Do not break or take home flowers and trees.
  • Please take your garbage home with you.
  • Let's stop feeding animals irresponsibly.
  • Let's stop playing ball games that are dangerous or annoying.
  • Golf practice is dangerous, so let's stop it.
  • Let's stop using and running skateboards and kickboards.
  • Bicycles should be pushed and parked in the bicycle parking lot.
  • Let's not make noise early in the morning or at night.
  • You cannot enter the park with a motorcycle or other vehicle without permission.
  • You cannot use fire (barbecue, bonfire, etc.) in the park without permission.
  • Fireworks are also prohibited in principle. (You can use safe fireworks (incense fireworks, etc.) with handles until 9:00 pm.)
  • Regardless of weight, unmanned aircraft and model aircraft such as drones and radio-controlled aircraft cannot be used.
  • In addition to the above, let's stop any other acts that may cause inconvenience to other users or neighbors.
Prohibited Matter
  • Smoking (Smoking is prohibited during the swimming season.)
  • Littering
  • Barbecue
  • Riding a moped or motorcycle
  • Playing with hard balls, golf
  • Fireworks, bonfires (except handheld fireworks until 21:00)
  • Unauthorized events, peddling and business activities
  • Letting dogs run loose